Please Let Us Serve You!

At Subculture City, we offer a variety of services to suit your needs. We love what we do and it shows in our art. Rest assured that our talented team will take care of you.
Kannapolis Art


At Subculture City, we make art that we are proud to show off, both on paper or canvas as well as on our customers' bodies. If you see an image in our gallery or on our walls that you like, but would rather not include it as part of your body art, ask one of our staff to duplicate it into a piece you can decorate your home or workspace with instead.

Kannapolis Piercings


When you're looking to add piercings to your personal collection of body art, come see the professionals at Subculture City. We offer creative and unique body artwork for any area of the body, plus a wide selection of body jewelry that we can apply immediately after your piercing is complete, or that you can take home for later.

Kannapolis Cover-Ups


Sometimes, another tattoo artist fell short of your expectations. Other times, you decided you did not like the tattoo you received long ago after all. Still furthermore, an accident or surgery left a scar mark that leaves you feeling ashamed of your appearance. We believe that everyone deserves to feel proud of their skin, which is why the artists at Subculture City are experts at cover-up tattoos.

Kannapolis Touch-Ups


All tattoos naturally fade over time, which is why it's a good idea to schedule regular touch-ups to make yours vibrant again. Regardless of whether you had your original tattoo here or somewhere else, our artists will follow your instruction to restore your ink to its former glory.

Kannapolis Custom Art

Custom Art

Do you have a piece of art that you specifically would like applied to your body? Bring it to Subculture City, where our artists will duplicate it with remarkable accuracy. We are capable of recreating even the biggest, most complex artistic pieces, with an attention to detail that's unrivalled in all of Kannapolis.